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Captain Dennis

Dennis Rogers
Captain and Owner

Captain Dennis ‘Hank’ Rogers is a professional mariner with nearly five decades of experience navigating the waters of Alaska both as a commercial fisherman and as captain of the Northern Song.

He is a U.S. Coast Guard certified master of vessels to 200 tons and is trained and certified in first aid and CPR. Continued educational courses in marine safety, technical training, first aid, and even a certification as an emergency medical technician have added an even greater degree of expertise, and an extra margin of precaution. With enthusiastic affection for the Alaskan outdoors and a fascination with its diverse wilderness flora and fauna, Dennis continues his quest to experience and explore more of the wonders of this area he calls home, Southeast Alaska!

While pursuing an education in marine biology Dennis enjoyed the allure of time spent aboard research vessels and eventually satisfied the desire to be on the water after becoming involved with the commercial fisheries in Alaska. The waters of SE Alaska are home to this long-time Petersburg Alaska resident, who with his wife Toni has raised two sons that enjoyed summers learning nautical skills aboard the families’ fishing vessels. Decades of fishing the local waters during year-around seasonal fisheries for salmon, herring, halibut, prawns, tanner and king crab, have made him a master of this region and its waterways.

A career change from commercial fishing to charter yacht ownership and operations provides the platform for Dennis to share with visitors the raw magnificent beauty and wildlife found among the islands, fjords, coves and bays of Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage and Tongass National Forest that he so passionately enjoys.

With great enthusiasm, Captain Dennis continues Alaska Sea Adventures 35-year tradition of unsurpassed SE Alaskan cruises. Dennis addition of a variety of professionally guided expeditions has expanded the companies’ cruise offerings. Individual tours focused on archeology, natural and cultural history, photography, sea kayaking, fly-fishing, ornithology, whale and wildlife observation are only some of the typical adventures offered.

Dennis enthusiastically utilizes the knowledge and critical skills acquired during his lifelong career on the water. He is passionate about the beauty and adventure of the Alaskan seas and surroundings and generously shares that legacy and expertise with all of his guests aboard the Northern Song.

“Thanks to Captain Dennis and all the crew for an outstanding introduction to Southeast Alaska.  It is a delight to travel with a crew that enjoys their work so much.”
Dick & Doris R.
Livermore CA.

Chef Therese Gorsich

Therese Gorsich

Chef Therese Gorsich brings her love of travel and fine food to the Northern Song!

Growing up on the tiny island of Molokai, Hawaii, Chef Therese taught herself to cook while working on her family’s Permaculture farm. “As a young girl, I remember borrowing stacks of cookbooks from the library and reading them, cover to cover. I think cooking was my first experience in traveling. It was a way to explore.”

Therese attended the Culinary Arts (CULN) at the University of Hawaii, Maui College where she trained in classical French technique with an emphasis on Pacific Rim cuisine. Following the completion of her degree, she moved to New Zealand to work as the 2nd chef and baker at Poronui, a luxury wilderness lodge. Therese also trained under the pastry chef at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, a five-star Relais & Chateaux lodge.

Continuing her travel to Australia, Therese worked for a year at Cable Beach Resort before moving back to the States. She spent the next three years managing the kitchen at Otterbar Lodge, a whitewater kayaking school in the mountains of Northern California. Chef Therese worked for two years as the pastry chef at Henry’s Fork Lodge, an upscale fly fishing lodge near Yellowstone. Most recently she has been the chef on The Mystic Whaler, a chartered sailing schooner based out of New England.

For Alaska Sea Adventures, Chef Therese is thrilled to provide our guests on Northern Song with her culinary creations and looks forward to incorporating an array of exclusive Alaska seafood.


Chef Lydia

Northern Song Chef Lydia Perez

Lydia Perez

Lydia Perez was born and raised in San Francisco; she was introduced to the sea by her brother, Harry, who was the Harbor Master of the SF Marina. He enchanted her with his sea stories so much that at 19 years old she sailed out of the Golden Gate Bridge and returned when she was 26. Cooking on sailing yachts during deliveries and charters throughout the Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, South East Asia, Caribbean, and the Mediterranean; introduced her passion for cooking and love for the sea.

Returning to the United States she moved back to California to the wine country. There she learned about wine and paring wine with food. Paid attention to chefs as they brought the garden to the table, now Lydia’s trademark for cuisine. Incorporating creative cooking and edible art is always the goal in her cooking. Four years ago she was back on the sea bringing the duo of cooking and sailing together again. She found herself preparing Alaskan cuisine once again in the familiar inside passage. She also has the philosophy that the preparation and presentation of the meal must be worthy of the Alaskan catch.

In 2010 Lydia started her own company 1Gourmetgal, where she is a personal chef in private homes or on private motor yacht and sailing charters on the sea.  She grows and blends her own organic personal herbs and brings them proudly to her table.

Saki -kazu marinated black cod featured on motor yacht Northern Song. ASA highlights the best of Alaska seafood. ©Hal Schmitt - www.lightworkshops.comSaki -kazu marinated black cod featured on motor yacht Northern Song. ASA highlights the best of Alaska seafood. ©Hal Schmitt –

Stephanie Hayes

Northern Song Mate Stephanie Hayes

Stephanie Hayes

World traveller Stephanie, also known by her crewmates as “The Most Interesting Woman In the World,” started her life in Romania, became a championship figure skater in British Columbia on a quest for the Olympics, then spent much of her young adulthood working on fishing boats everywhere from Scotland to Maine. She speaks half a dozen languages, earned a Master’s Degree by the age of 23, and she can identify almost everything in a tidepool (and will happily do so for guests).

These days, she proudly serves as first mate on the Northern Song while also earning her PhD in Marine Biology. She has collected many interesting and exciting stories from her adventures around the world that she is always happy to share with guests.

Captain Wade Loofbourrow4

Captain Wade Loofbourrow

Captain Wade Loofbourrow USCG Master 1600/3000 tons

Capt. Wade Loofbourrow is a long-time professional mariner with decades of experience. He holds a US Coast Guard Master license for vessels of up to 1600/3000 gross tons.

He began his maritime career while a freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara working as an oceanographic technician. In order to pay his way through university he pursued a combination of commercial diving, commercial fishing, and continued work in biological oceanography. He completed a degree in zoology with emphases in marine biology and fisheries at Humboldt State University. After a stint working as a fisheries biologist in East Africa, he spent many years working as a commercial diver and commercial fisherman from Mexico to Alaska.

In 1980 he moved to Juneau, where he pursued construction, boat repair, and commercial fishing. In 1985 he accepted a position aboard a patrol vessel with the Alaska State Troopers, then accepted a job as Master aboard Alaska Department of Fish and Game research vessels in 1988, eventually becoming fleet manager for Southeast Region. This enabled him to participate in work on numerous species (3 species of king crab, tanner crab, Dungeness crab, all 5 species of Pacific salmon, geoduck clams, sea cucumbers, spot shrimp, numerous groundfish species, herring, various pelagic species, and marine mammals including whales, Steller sea lions, harbor seals), physical oceanography, marine geology, parasitology, and various educational missions with numerous institutions including University of Alaska, University of British Columbia, Texas A&M University, University of Hawaii, Colorado State University, and the University of California. This research work enabled unusually extensive exploration of virtually every corner of Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, and Kodiak Island.

In the spring of 2006 he retired from State service to pursue other interests.

Capt. Loofbourrow feels extremely privileged to have had such remarkable opportunities to have explored Southeast Alaska and Southcentral Alaska in such depth over the past quarter century, and takes great pleasure in sharing those privileges. He enjoys teaching, particularly natural history, navigation, and seamanship.

He has been married for 30 years. His two sons were born and raised in Juneau. He actively hunts and fishes and enjoys hiking, music, and good conversation. He continues to study biology.