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Dennis, Jake and Manuel, Thank you for an outstanding adventure in learning! All your perseverance and planning produced the 1st USFS Heritage Expedition in Alaska: you should be proud! The stretch of a week of hot sunshine and calm seas added to the magnificence of Southeast Alaska. I came away with a renewed appreciation of wildflowers, tide pools, shorelines. Rock art is now a part of my shoreline exploration. Great ‘mates’, good wine, excellent lectures. I learned to kayak-Thank’s to Ryan and David, Jakes nephews. Thanks for validating why I live in SE.

Pat R.
Wrangell, Ak

Dennis, Jake and Manuel,

What a wonderful eight days on the Alaska Adventurer! You have given Liz and me the opportunity of seeing and experiencing your absolutely beautiful country. The waterways and mountains of Southeastern Alaska are gears in the world’s environmental crown. Being able to connect so intimately with the rocks of Kosciusko Island and Prince of Whales Island was a window in to the understanding of the culture of your people. Savoring the essence via the study and recording of petroglyphs has been an important addition to our life experience. And what food – Thank you Jake for looking after us so well. And the great fish that didn’t get away – thank you Manuel for being so patient with us. And to Dennis, thank you for providing us with the opportunity to do all this with such fun, and such a sense of safety and security! We hope to see any of you in Australia sometime!

Rick T.
Kew, Australia

Dennis, Jake and Manuel,

You have given us a week that truly has been filler with experiences and memories that will last for a lifetime. We feel just so fortunate to have been introduced to SE Alaska by you. This is a most beautiful part of the world-The majesty and antiquity of the landscape-weathered over areas by water, ice and wind; the vigor of its nature, epitomized by the forest giants and the black bears; The free spirit of the water and all the creatures that call it home; and the petroglyphs- Those messages left for us by other humankind, who no doubt marveled at the wonders of this natural world, just as we do today.

To our fellow travelers on the journey-Karen, Donna, Sylvia and Pat,-thank you for the generosity with which you have welcomed us and shared your Alaska with us, David and Ryan-Thank you for inspiring us with your spirit of inquiry and your love of learning.

To Jake- What a kaleidoscope of Alaska culinary delight you have spoiled us with-thank you for caring for us-and for so many laughs. To Manuel-many thanks for your continued care for us-on land and water-and for the amazing halibut adventure!

Dennis-most of all-Thank you for making this possible-for bringing all of us together-with Terry, Jane, Jim and all the team. Through this adventure you are sharing a great gift with the world.

Liz T.
Kew, Australia

Mouthy and obnoxious as I am. I have no adequate words for this awesome trip. Dennis: Your expertise in brining the  “Rock Art Tour” to fruitation is greatly appreciated. Your boat is a wonder. Jake: I start my diet tomorrow. Fabulous food. Manuel: Thank you for keeping us safe and happy.

Donna Martinsen-Petersburg Alaska   Love all of you

“Ditto” from Karen except I’m not mouthy or obnoxious! Thank you so much. This opportunity for learning and appreciating about our rockyard-we will never forget. More later!

Karen H.
Petersburg, AK

Thank you Dennis. I had a great time and I couldn’t have done it without you. Of course Ryan appreciates it too. I wish we could have seen a bear, but, oh well. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Thanks again,
David S.

Dennis, Jake & Manuel,


Thanks much for all the good food-hikes, A&A rides. Hope you the best for the rest of the season.

Was nice knowing you all!!

Sylvia K.
Douglas, AK

Dennis, Lisa, Manuel, Jake

I can’t figure out why my great grandfather ever left Alaska! (1898 Juneau). From what you have shown us this is paradise. Of course it helps to have no deadlines or other nasty distractions. And all the time we need to whale, fish, hot pool, crab, shrimp, beachcomb, explore glaciers, rainforests, or just gaze in wonder at the glories of the 50th state.

And are we taking home a fine record. Thanks to Lisa, we’re all better photographers-filling our “buckets of light” properly and composing things neatly in thirds. Getting the panorama pictures out of the way first and then settling down to the “good stuff”.

Never has a boat experience been so comfortable (good driving) or so filled with endless food. Wonderful meals and in-between meals and after meals-usually involving chocolate in some form. Ganache is actually the answer to many questions.

The company was delightful all the way around. Seeing things through Caroline and Claire’s eyes added greatly to my experience.

So thanks to everyone for a truly extraordinary trip. I can’t wait to come back.

You’re the best—

Sandy S.
Point Arena, Ca

Dennis, Lisa, Jake and Manuel,

We knew it would be fun, but “Oh My God” was uttered from my lips numerous times during the week with you all, when I could finally speak.

For me, being in a kayak with a 60 ton  humpback whale surfacing and blowing so close to me, was beyond words. These gentle giants blessed us with their precense. And when the junior whale of one pair began frolicking and breaching right in front of us, it made my millennium!!

Of course, Dennis had lots more in store for us, with fishing and catching shrimp and crab which were the finest food we have ever eaten. Warm springs hot springs right next to a raging river/waterfall coming from the most beautiful, pristine mountain lake I’ve seen on and on. I’ve learned so much about Alaska in a week, and have only scratched the surface. You all are so knowledgeable, and helpful. The boat is so solid, steady and comfortable.

Oh, and did I mention the sea plane flight over Baird, Patterson and Leconte glaciers? Dennis strongly suggested getting a bird’s eye view, and we are most appreciative for this.

Lisa, professionally, or not, was a pleasure. You made me laugh as much as Jake. Jake-love your food and care of us, hate to not fitting in my cloths getting off the boat.

Manuel, always working to facilitate our adventures. Thank you all so-o-o much

Susan & Dick R.
Kauai, HI

Dennis, Jake (aka “gus”-sorry about that) and Manuel,

What to say, after such a special experience. There is no greater gift in life than a father seeing joy in the eyes of his children and experiencing their excitement. You have given me that gift which I will never forget. Thank you all for everything, it was an unsurpassable experience, a wonderful trip. Your efforts in helping all of us get the most out of this trip were beyond the call of duty. Thank you for the care and love you shared with all of us. You are the greatest.

Bill S.
Saranac, NY

I had a wonderful time. Thank you for the great company, scenery, fishing and food. The whales were beautiful and there were far more than I had anticipated. The bears and eagles were equally beautiful. The kayaking was awesome. Manuel thanks for helping us girls fish. Jake thanks for the food (especially the ganache). Dennis, thank you for the great sailing and all of the whales.

Aurora W.
Murray, UT

Dennis, Manny and Jake,

You guys are great. Everything you said we would experience we have. Never have I been on a trip where the hosts were forthright and knowledgeable. You guys definitely delivered. Thank you for the great time, food and unforgettable experience.

Alexandra S.
Sacramento, CA

This was a trip of a lifetime. I saw lots of things. You guys are a great group. Keep up the good job.

Kelly T.
Sacramento, CA

Dennis, Jake and Manny,

Thanks for giving my family and I the experience of a lifetime. Wonderful crew, wonderful food and amazing memories. I will see you again real soon, perhaps this time next year!

Take care and thanks again,

Victoria S.
Venice, CA

Dennis, Jake & Manny,

It’s my 32nd birthday on the 15th of July and I can’t think of a better gift. The things that I have seen and done this last week I will hold in my heart and mind till my last day. I feel in so many ways that I truly live a charmed life. I only can wish that I am blessed in the same way when we come back next year. With thanks and praise your friend and brother.

A.J. H.
Crestline, CA

Dennis, Manny and Jake,

WOW!!  What and incredible trip.  It has been years since our whole family has been able to get together and put with this magnificent trip. We can not imagine anything better. Every day was a treat! We are all so happy.

See you next year-Thank you

Lisa S.
Crestline, CA

I have been coming to S.E. Alaska since 1989. This is my 10th trip (8 on this boat). All the trips have been different and all have been wonderful. I got on this boat being sad this year, having lost my best friend to cancer the day before I boarded. I will debark feeling renewed and grateful and blessed by the experience. They say that grace fills up empty spaces; how lucky I am that my “spaces” were filled with whales, eagles, sea lions, beautiful cold weather and nights as black as ink.

My thanks to all,

Barbara H.
Miami Springs, FL

Well, After working and traveling with ASA for 15 years now I can say the boat, owner & crew just keep getting better, better & better. Along with the whales and scenery. Dennis is doing a fantastic job with the ASA trips and it’s a real treat for me to continue to be a part of the process! It’s also wonderful to be adding Jodi, Bill & Kate to our annual Blubber Lovers rendezvous in SE

Thanks again,

Jeff R.
Bethesda, MD

Well, here we` are again-trip 3 on the AA and everything just keeps getting better. Jake spoiled us again, as usual, Emilie has been a real princess, and as usual Dennis a charming host and extremely competent skipper. This has been a great trip, Jim did another personable guiding job and we both appreciate the acceptance from the veterans AA adventures. We will be back next year, and hopefully, will see everyone again. Thanks all for a great time. It has been a spirit renewing experience. We love you all.

Bill & Kate
Saranac Lake, NY

Well, my third trip on the AA and it was certainly another once in a lifetime trip to remember. Once again we lucked out with the vast selection of wildlife, fun people, great guide, excellent crew and great food.

Jim, I have learned a lot from you as a guide and hope I will do just as good a job on the next two trips this year. With the footage and photos we all gathered on this trip I’m sure Discovery Channel & National Geographic would be proud. Our 12;30-6;30 whale viewing day was certainly one I will never forget.! Beautiful backdrop, as Alaska always is for those whale photos. Thanks also to the weather, amazing sunshine all week! See you next year!! And the year after!

Canberra, Australia

Thanks for making our Alaska trip a dream come true!! We learned a lot, ate a lot, saw a lot…. The whales were a mystical, spiritual experience, the sea lions at Yasha were fun and enchanting. The food was great, just as we had heard-Jake’s reputation proceeds him! We especially enjoyed the “critter cam” and had fun watching Dennis enjoy it! The crew and all the guests were great.

Kris & Rick L.
San Carlos, CA

P.S. Rick will never forget the big halibut and Kris is happy she had enough film!

P.P.S. We’ll see you in our dreams.

Our 4th trip to Alaska and this was the icing on the cake! It was a week of “best evers”—best claming—best crabbing—the best shrimping—best sea lion activity—right up to the boat—marvelous whale activity—fabulous orca pods—and 8 days with sunshine!!  

And Jon’s first halibut! And our first tastes of fresh, raw shrimp & shrimp roe!

Compliments to our outstanding crew-Dennis, Jake & Emily

We loved the trip

Jon and Ann S.
Orlando, FL

I Enjoyed.

Thank you!

Taketome S.
Tokyo, Japan

Not enough words to describe all the beautiful sights & exciting experiences. I wanted to get close to the whales— & I did!

Great food, new photo skills, fun kayaking-many many wonderful memories.

Thank you!

Judy T.
Antelope, CA

It is going to be impossible to top this as the most spectacular vacation we have ever had. I am left essentially speechless at the Alaskan beauty and our great adventure. The AA staff members have helped to make this fabulous trip even more enjoyable. Dennis is exceptionally knowledgeable and taught us a lot about Alaskan nature. Emilie is absolutely great. Thanks to everyone!!!

Tim & Erma W.
Houston, Texas

The trip of a lifetime was delivered as promised. A great crew, a spectacular land. Sea life and seafood so many jumping things, salmon, dolphins, seals and whales. Even whales that danced-only thing missing was dancing bears!


Carl and Carol
Woolvine, VA

This has been the most relaxing awe inspiring trip I have ever taken.  I am sorry you missed my Ice Orca.  Maybe next time.  I only have one negative comment, I have to go home.  I now have pictures and memories till the next time.  The final day topped it all off, Glacier and a whale.

John G.
Grovedale,  Austrailia

Thanks to Captain Dennis and all the crew for an outstanding introduction to Southeast Alaska.  It is a delight to travel with a crew that enjoys their work so much.  Capt. Dennis drives the ship like a professional photographer, giving all great shots from every angle in the best light.  Being free from a set itinerary is a real blessing.  We shall return.

Dick & Doris R.
Livermore CA

Captain – Another successful voyage to judge the satisfaction of the voyagers.  Thanks to you, Emilie, Jake and Jodi for making this a trip to remember.

Gene Y.
Cooksville, MD

Great scenery, wonderful crew (patient also).  A wonderful time to see the Inside Passage made my Southern Alaska trip so memorable.  I only shot 73 gigs of images so I’ll get a bigger hard drive and come back soon. My thanks to all the crew.

Ron H.
Lithonia GA

Great week!  The food, crew, captains were fun tasty and entertaining.  The best part were the whales.  I still can’t believe all the different behaviors we saw. It will be hard to top this trip.  
Julie R.
Hilton Head S. Carolina

I can’t think of anything that we didn’t get to see and do.  Learned a lot about Alaska fishing and salmon.  More than I can remember.  Highlights include, kayaking with whales, experiencing Le Conte glacier and catching black cod. Great Trip!

Andrew W.
Viak AZ

I didn’t know quite what to expect (so I can’t say that this trip exceeded my expectations) but every moment was meaningful in some way and every moment was special.  Highlights for me?  First, living with people of like mind.  Commited to saving wildlife and the environment to make people healthy and well.  The range of knowledge of the crew was also appreciated.  Dennis is a master and I always felt safe.  Emilie was a jewel and always there when needed.  Jake was a excellent host always preparing splendid meals.  The glacier calving on the last day was a perfect cap to a week filled with spectacular highlights.  I’ll be back.  Thanks to all.

Barbara W.

Had a great time.  We saw so much.  Whales, fishing, hotsprings, kayaking, shore walks, great seafood, fishing boats, glaciers and a wonderful group to share it with.  

Dave H.
Edmonds WA

Everything met or exceeded expectations.  We saw and experienced more in 7 days than I thought possible:  Bubble feeding, whales, orcas, waterfalls, 30 story glacier calves, incredible fishing (halibut, rock fish, black bass, salmon) and close up to fishing boats in operation – plus the not to be missed fly over Baird Glacier and Devils thumb.  Best of all, a great crew.  

Craig W.
Waltham MA

I have seen it all, bears, trout salmon and halibut fishing, whales, icebergs, spot prawns, black cod, yellow eye cod, glaciers, and all of the salmon.  Great food, great crew and great friends.  What a trip.  

Monterey CA

Great boat, wonderful crew, and awesome environment all add up to a fantastic time.  Too many favorites.  Number one was approach to Red Bluff falls then warm springs swimming in the lake, glaciers calving, bubble feeding humpback whales etc. etc. etc.  Everyone was a first that I will remember forever.  Thanks to the crew of the Alaska Adventurer.  

Randy H.
Bellingham WA

Had a blast.  Lots of fun and sights.  Good people great trip.  Thanks

Jeff O.
Batesville, IN

This was my 5th and hopefully not my last trip.  Hard to believe that it keeps getting better every time.  Great vistas and an ok crew make a good trip.  Oh yeah, the fishing was very successful.  Although we lost over $250 in lures and jigs.  

Ted O.
Batesville, IN

I don’t want to go home.  This was awesome.

Jon S.
Batesville, IN

Great trip with attention to detail.  Fantastic scenery and food.  May the wind be always in your sails.  

Dan S.
Batesville, IN

End primary log book.

Does this have to end. I booked with the hope to see and photograph a whale. When we saw our first humpback. I had goose bumps as the trip progressed.. The excitement did also elevate. The highlight for me was dinner time. Whales feeding with our yacht in the middle of them. Seeing down their throat was unique. However, to have the once in a lifetime opportunity on our last day to kayak with the whales and have one surface within feet of us and not upturn us was `amazing. I screamed with excitement.

Thank you so much Dennis, the crew and the Alaska Adventurer, for giving us the experiences we had. The food we ate, people we met and bringing us back safely.

Jodi S.

What a whale of a time!

Kean & Ethel O.
Batesville, IN

We had an adventure of a lifetime! Alaska was more beautiful than I even imagined. Thanks so much to Captain Dennis, chef Julie, naturalist Shirlena & deckhand Zac! We appreciate the great time you helped us have all week.

Holly & Patrick O.
Denver, CO

The second trip was better than the first. We had a great time sharing all of Alaska’s experiences with family. Capt. Dennis, Julie, Shirlena and Zach-you were all great!

Jeff & Mary O.
Batesville, IN

This was the best trip I have ever embarked on. The scenery is second to none nd the crew was first class. The fishing was also spectacular. Although the crabs were elusive we still managed to have a great time.

Ted O.
Batesville, IN

P.S. The “fish” breaching and feeding was ok.

Dear crew,

Another trip has passed and this trip was amazing once again. And hey! Guess what? We made it around Coronation! Thank you so much once again for making this another memorable trip. Keep up the good work!!

We truly love all of you. Thanks from the heart.

Jan & Janet M.
Flemington, NJ

Had a wonderful time-even though didn’t go ashore much. Relaxed and enjoyed the sea. Thanks so much to Mike & Julie & Jake & Dennis for4 making this trip so memorable. Won’t ever forget you guys! Love

Linda May G.
Hayward, CA

Dear Alaska Adventurer,

All we can say is thank you-everything was absolutely wonderful and we really appreciated all everyone did to make it so special. Memories forever!!

Every day something wonderful and new-it was great “going with the locals”.


Adam & Karen

Every so often in life, we have events that change us forever…..this is one of those events. The “cast of characters” made all the difference….. All such wonderful people. Thanks Dennis for surrounding yourself with such incredible people! To have someone like Jack around is a once in a lifetime experience. We learned from all of you….Dennis, Julie, Jack, Mike and Zac……you will always be a part of our lives. Thanks so much.

Richard & Amy S.
Nashville, TN

To Kapena Dennis Rogers-

Mahalo for my second experience & providing a time to remember for Da Hawaii Braddas.

Scott M.
Honolulu, HI

Kapena Dennis-

Mahalo will Loa for the many new experiences to a mahulu Hawaiian fisherman. Sort of like teaching an old dog new tricks

Honolulu, HI


Thank you for the good fishing. Had a great time as usual.

Gordon B.
Honolulu, HI

Dennis & Julie & Zac,

Mahalo for a most memorable trip. The beauty of Alaska has only been outdone by your hospitality.

Gary S.
Honolulu, HI

Dennis, Julie & Zac,

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Have been to many places and seen many things but none as memorable as this one. The beauty of Alaska is astounding as are food, service, and courtesies were outstanding!


Cael, H.
Kamuela, HI

Dennis, Julie & Zac,

Thank you all for your help in making this fishing trip a once in a lifetime experience. The boat accommodations are excellent and the food as prepared by Julie is also excellent. The daily help by Zac was appreciated. Hopefully we all seven will return.


Melvin H.

Hon. HI

Trip # 3 on the Alaskan Adventurer for our family-the same beautiful scenery-and great fishing, but many new exciting activities-like kayaking up close with whales and walking on a glacier! It was everything we remembered and more-

Thanks to captain Dennis, Brian & Julie for another outstanding Alaska Adventure.

Roberta, Marty, Danielle & Martini
Coral Gable, FL

The whales played in Frederick Sound, Oyster, crab & shrimp were found. Kym and Erynn from one kayak found memories forever to hold and take back.

Coho jumped in the boat, so fast-and the newest graduate caught her first halibut, at last!

Captain Dennis, Julie and “Dan the man”, showed us the best of Alaska,-as only they can.

Such experiences and bonds are a joy to find, and you’d better believe….they are sure to lasta.

Our love to you, Dennis, Toni, Julie & Dan

Buzz & Charlie B.
Olympia, WA

If I could express the joys of this trip anymore sincerely, I would. It was astounding. I am still speechless.

Best regards,

Kymberlee B.

A note from Jenny ” Bossy Spice” and Tony. There was nothing about this trip we did not absolutely enjoy. Well-there was the elusive king salmon-sorry Dennis-you had it coming!! We saw Alaska at it’s best with a great crew and excellent company. Thanks for a wonderful trip-We’ll be back to terrorize you all!

Jenny B.
Broome, Australia

From Sharon “Precious Spice” & Andrew “Sweet Pea” Miles from Melborne, Australia-a truly marvelous trip & a wonderful time & excellent company. Thank you Dennis, Jake & Ryan for an Alaskan experience to remember-we’ll be back

Sharon M.
Balwin, Australia

From Jenny Rees (All Spice) and Wynne Pops. Both had a turn in sick bay, but because it was such a fantastic trip we soldiers on with out complaint. The crew were ever helpful to us old codgers. Alaska revealed some of her many charms to us thanks to skipper Dennis, we filled tummies thanks to Jake and the ever helpful Ryan. The rest of us supplied the many, many laughs.-Thanks

In conclusion-to Dennis, Ryan & Jake-On Ya Mate !!!

Jenny R.
Halls Head, West Ausralia

Dennis, Ryan & Jake,

The eight of us-Warnie, Terry, Chip, Joy, Casey, Andrew, Tim & Mac-have had the best possible trip with you! Every day new wildlife spotting or different fishing experiences, all of them excellent. We learned so much from all your information and loved hearing past experiences. Wonderful food & company. Thanks so much for everything. Can’t wait to see our pictures. We definitely will be back!

Joy S.& Family
Mequon, WI

Dear crew,

The trip far exceeded my expectations. Mac & I had a wonderful time everyday. I know that we will see Ryan when he comes to Texas. Unfortunately the “Jake diet” will come to an end. Thanks to all for a wonderful experience!

Terry S.
Dallas, TX

Thanks for the great time. Don’t know what I liked best; bringing in the king on my 8 weight; getting “nudged” by a whale in the kayak or non stop gourmet cuisine. Can’t wait to come back.

Chip S.
Mequon, WI

Dear crew,

We had a great time. I have to tell you, this was my favorite trip I have ever been on . You all make it very enjoyable. I loved the stories, adventures & food. You guys make a great team. Thank you all very much for doing everything to let us have a good time. When I was ten feet from that whale I almost fainted, that sight will forever be in my mind. It was great to hang out with you guys too. I caught the biggest fish of my life here (almost the two biggest, but one broke the Invincible rod). Thanks again and good luck in the future.

Tim S.
Mequon, WI

Hey, yall (you guys)

Well this was so much fun! I have never experienced anything like this before. This was so cool. I had the best time ever, this could never be topped. Ryan, Tim and I had the best time fishing. I caught the biggest fish I’ve ever even seen. I am going to come home to, now, Ok food. I mean, where else can you get desert after every meal?

I’ll miss you guys a lot, but I hope to come back and take another voyage with you! It has been great and I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Mac S.
Dallas, TX

Hi Alaska Adventurer

I am Casey from the Alaska Adventurer Stringer party. We have had a fabulous time. Plenty of beer, wine, fish and shrimp. I am astounded by the amount of life in these waters! I am proud to say that I caught the 2 largest fish of the trip, not to brag or anything. The hot springs were incredible. All around this vacation exceeded my expectations. Thanks a lot guys,

Casey S.
Santa Barbara, CA

Wonderful, relaxing vacation.

Mary O.
Batesville, IN

Great pampering all the way, what service. One of the best.

Kean & Ethel O.
Batesville, IN

Had a great time aboard the Alaska Adventurer & skiffs. We enjoyed the foods, the views, the zeppelin, the humor, and especially the hourly “Fish Calls” and “Thumps”. Take time to play euchre and adventure in the wild Alaska jungle.

Sarah, Heather & Ted
Batesville, IN

Thanks for another great adventure! Fish, Whales, Eagles, Bears, Deer, Mink, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, -who could ask for more (Oh yeah, great food too).

Holly & Patrick O.
Denver, CO

What a wonderful crew, captain and yacht. Dennis made us so comfortable with getting so close to whales. Slept so well and learned a lot about the sea. Thank you.

Jack & Patty M.
Aurora, CO

What a wonderful trip. Words could never describe. To pick people to spend all the time with and enjoy each and everyone. The worst part of the trip is having to say goodbye. Enjoyed everything and everyone. Thank you all so much for letting us share the 30th anniversary with you.

Sheila & Mike C.
Waldorf, MD

Dennis, Jake, Ryan

When I think back to eight days ago I’m truly not sure what my expectations were? As we head back to Petersburg, what I am sure of, is that you have exceeded all of them. Many lessons learned, many stories made and told, we now have many more friends!

Truly a trip of abundance! Many thanks.

Andrea & Jim D.
Warwick, MA

Wow! Been to Alaska before but not to the Southeast. Never fished at sea and caught pink salmon & flat fish. Worked crab pots & shrimp too. Read Robert Service. 7 days of perfect weather. Calm seas. Jake, the chef, is guilty of excess as well as abundance! We had a lovely experience kayaking with humpbacks, watch dolphins and orcas dancing in the flat seas and dolphins working the bow whales. Eagles, Puffins, Murrs, Gulls, Gilmats & Terns! This has been a life experience made complete by the attentive crew! Many Thanks!

Kim A.

I have lived and worked in over 100 countries. I am a veteran whale watcher in Hawaii and Cape Cod and have enjoyed many group trips. This trip and this group of people is the high point of my travel life. Never before have I encountered such an enlightened and delightful group, crew and guests alike. This has been a joy in all respects. We have seen wonderful things, in a great environment and vessel and, most importantly, enjoyed the company and friendship of a great group of people. Thanks for the dreams fulfilled.

William S.
Saranac, NY

There aren’t words to express the feelings this trip has instilled! “Awesome” comes to mind, but that is an inadequate adjective. There has been a continuum of spirituality & serenity that has affected my very soul. The comradery is the icing on the cake. We came aboard with no expectations but, any dreams there might have been were far exceeded! 

Thank you from my heart, mind and soul!

Kate S.
Saranac, NY

What an amazing experience. Each year will get better aboard the Alaska Adventurer. The boat is beautiful, the crew fantastic and the people…friends for life. The whales seemed to feel, how much we needed to observe and enjoy their company. They are very peaceful, calming and healing animals. If I could take them home to Australia with me, along with the beautiful landscape & friendly people, life would be perfect. As I said last year, I will return to Alaska many more times & hopefully with each visit spend more time on this luxury hotel on the water. Apart from the great wildlife viewing, the exhilarating kayaking in the rain with humpbacks surrounding us. Beware of the food. I’m definitely carrying excess baggage home with me around my waist. Thanks guys, what an amazing holiday. One I will treasure and never forget.

Canberra Australia

Hey, what can I say? This trip exceeded all expectations built up over years of hearing Sumdum Nahmens stories of previous adventures. I wanted to see what the humpback experience was all about, and get a better feel for SE Alaska-I got that and a lot more. Thanks to Dennis and the crew of Jake & Ryan for a most memorable trip! I sure hope to be back,

Mike R.
Lyons, OR

Oh, my God! Trip # 9 on the “AA” and they just keep getting better and better. And the whales- I think that this week I saw more whales than I have in the past 14 years combined! And I got to see some of my beloved Orcas on the final day of the trip. Life is good. Thanks to Dennis, Jake & Ryan for all of their hard work and especially thanks to Jake for allowing me to waddle off the boat while I still could… I’m sure that you haven’t seen the last of me. Alaska will continue to call. Be well-

Barbara H.
Miami Springs, FL

Well after 14 years working and traveling with ASA it is unbelievable that it can just keep getting better & better! Dennis & Jake & Ryan are running the better than ever! I think Dennis has more fun than his passengers. Great, great times & whales & company. Thanks mucho,

Jeff R.
Bethseda, MD

Will Absolutely  amazing, outstanding, incredible, wonderful, emotional do for a description? It’s the best I can do! I have accumulated a years worth of peace in a week… I’m coming back for a refill as soon as I can!

Emma C.
Miami, FL

This trip gives a new meaning to “wilderness” for an old city girl like me! Thank you, thank you for endless days of novel exposure to the wildlife & beauty of Alaska-a little bit of danger with a big bit of wonder and awe. Best of all, you are all remarkable human beings.

Dottie U.
Los Angeles, CA

The trip just got better and better every day! It far exceeded my expectations and I find myself renewed in spirit and in body. The personal touch from the entire crew just is so rare to encounter.

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you

Tom U.
Los Angeles

Dennis, Ryan & Jake

Thank you guys-for a special trip-we felt like your only goal, day in and day out, was to please us, to do what we wanted, to teach us, show us new and exciting and beautiful and spectacular sights and sounds, all with concern for our safety, of course, so that we felt that, if you said we could do something, we didn’t have to worry, and could just enjoy. You constantly seemed to anticipate our needs and desires, handing us equipment we needed before we asked for it, and on and on. There were so many highlights, from the calving glaciers, to hiking on the glacier, to flying over the glacier, to the eagles and the black bears at night, splashing through the shallow water for salmon, all seen from a silent kayak-to the whales. You brought me to tears twice-the bubble net feeding, and kayaking alongside them in the water. Those were moments, rare moments, of being overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the world. We’ll send you some photos!

Take care and continue to enjoy this wonderful place where you live and work

Peter G. & Michele W.
Los Angeles, CA

Dennis, Jake & Ryan,

How can I begin to tell you 3 what this trip meant to me! It was perfect from the first moment until today as we sadly chug much to quickly to Petersburg. You all made us so welcome and did everything to make the trip full of fun, laughs and adventure. I so hope to one day return but in the meantime I can certainly dream. Best of trips to you all.

Mayes B.
Ponte Verda, FL

Dear Dennis, Jake & Ryan,

What a wonderful trip this has been-I appreciate all the effort you all put into making this a fantastic experience-Alaska’s such a gorgeous, powerful place to visit, and you made it possible to enjoy it in an intimate and involved way, and to see so many facets of it ‘s vastness-thanks so much for everything-(including delicious and wheat free meals). 

The kayak paddling, the knowledge & experience you all bring to your jobs-

Harriet S.
Los Angeles, CA

Where to begin? There have been so many sights and experiences it would fill pages and pages for me to describe. I have not seen a more beautiful place than I have on this trip. But what will ultimately stand out are the people we have met. No effort is spared by Captain Dennis and the crew to make you feel like you have arrived at a 5 star hotel, restaurant and guided tour all rolled in to one. We’ve been better pamperd and fed than any experiences in past travels. While the whales, bears glaciers, crab, shrimp and halibut fishing played a part in what will be my memories of this week. What really stands out for me is the knowledge that there is a place where people love what they do and are enlightened enough to find a way to share that with the rest of us. Thank you to Captain Dennis, Ryan, Jake and Shirlena for the experience of a lifetime.

David Y.
Mt. Prospect, IL

What a fabulous way to celebrate our anniversary! It was the experience of a lifetime-Thank you to Captain Dennis, Jake and Ryan for a wonderful trip-I can’t wait to come back.

Barb B.
Lake City Forest, WA


A great trip. What an experience and a super way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It will remain a memory for me in more ways than I can say!

Thanks for a great trip.

David “Barney” B.
Lake City Forest, WA

Dennis, Jake & Ryan,

In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined a more incredible experience as the past week has been ! From spectacular scenery to fabulous weather (good job Dennis), from extraordinary meals to just-at-the-right-time bowls of peanut M&M’s (awesome Jake), from snagging my first salmon to hauling up a 172 pound halibut, to snapping shrimp heads (you go, Ryan!) and to top it all off, a kayak trip with my husband up close and personal with the humpbacks. There’s way more I couldn’t begin to list. The best vacation ever.

Lynne E.
Brier, WA

It’s difficult to call you guys captain and crew because you made the experience so special and comfortable. Thanks for your patience Dennis  organizing and leading our many adventures, answering so many questions, sharing your knowledge, and being so calm on the radio when I was moments away from meeting a humpback. “Up close and personal” with my wife in the bow of the kayak. Jake is awesome, anticipating culinary needs and out doing himself time after time! Be careful what you ask for! Dennis is the Captain/Skipper I hope I can travel with in the future. K. Thank you Thank you. Knowledgeable and experienced. Hopping off the “Merry-go Round”.

David E.
Brier, WA

Dennis & Crew,

Thanks for a world class experience in our own backyard. The “whale adventure” will stay at the top of my most memorable. Best wishes for continued success. Thanks again for your business as well.

Rocky F.

It was spectacular!

Sue F.
Petersburg, AK

Dennis, Jake & Ryan,

Carrie and I can’t say enough about an experience such as the one you guys provided. Even to one who has seen much of what your wonderful area can offer, a trip like this one is still hard to describe. The companionship was wonderful and the level of knowledge & service was matchless. It’s easy to see why folks would want to return over & over-
Thanks again-Mike & Carrie L.
Petersburg, AK

Spectacular is the word!

Carrie L.
Petersburg, AK

What a wonderful experience! I don’t think we were preparerd for the amazing sights and adventures that we were able to participate in.

We look forward to our next Alaska Adventure. 

Doug & Michele
New York, NY

Dennis, Ryan & Jake,

Thank you all for your hospitality and for sharing your knowledge of Alaska with us all. We will return!

Doug & Michele

Dennis, Ryan & Jake,

Thank you for making our first Alaska trip most enjoyable, most wonderful experience. You made fishing seem easy. (I know if I were to be fishing on my own, I’ll be spending most of my time with my lure in water with no fish to catch). And thank you for all the glaciers, bears, whales, Bald Eagles, and the clam digging. You made it all very easy to experience the wildlife of Alaska. I’m sure this trip will make a lifetime impact on my son’s life. He will remember it always. It certain had an impact on my life. Thank you.

Chris & Mason

Part 3?  Yes, it seems to me that I can’t say enough about the past week. Michele and I saw so many things we’ve never seen and will never forget. How do you express this feeling? It was an experience made that much more pleasant by the kindness of the entire crew. From a culinary standpoint, the Alaskan crab’s and the baked Alaska were a high point for me. On the other hand, the greatest experience to me was the glacier walk. It seemed as if we were the only people on earth at that moment. (Keep in mind we live in the middle of New York). So I guess the writer was left struggling for words and the chef was awed. That says it all.

(DK & MK again)

Dennis, Ryan & Jake,

What can we say? You all made this an adventure of a lifetime. The scenery, the food, the boating, fishing, ambiance couldn’t have been better. Each of you were so considerate of our comfort. We hope that if you are ever in our area we can offer you the same. We don’t think this is our one and only Alaska adventure. When we do this again can we request the same crew? 

Until next time…… Many thanks!

Ron, Paddy and Zach W.
Puyallup, WA

Dennis, Tom & Charlie,

Thank you for an excellent 10 days. I really appreciate all your hard work in making this a very successful research trip. Dennis, thanks for a safe trip. Your wise decisions and immense local knowledge allowed me to successfully complete my work. Tom, thanks for getting me on and off the rocks safely and your help in the not so glamorous job of scat collection. I really appreciated your sense of humor and your skiff operating skills. Charlie, I really enjoyed your company and all the great meals you prepared, the early morning breakfasts and for always keeping my thermos full of coffee.

What a great trip. Hope to see you guys again someday.

Dave G.
University of British Columbia
Marine Mammal Research Unit

The charter was made for work yet the boat & crew made it a pleasure. The food was fresher than I had had in a long time. Even though we had winter poor weather and a very tight schedule we got everything done. The boat was more than comfortable and accommodating and worked well for my specialized and unique needs. The entire crew was knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to working with you all in the near & distant future.

Season’s greetings and the best of New Year’s,

David C.
Chief Scientist NOAA/NMFS/AFSC


Thanks for making the Seymour trip possible. What a fun trip it was. Your professionalism and enthusiasm are so evident aboard the boat. It’s no wonder Bill and Kate (and other’s) adore you! Thanks for everything

Rachel & Steve
Tenakee, AK

What a great week! The crew, boat, “weather” and fishing were all fantastic! You all made us feel welcome and comfortable, a perfect combination for a successful trip. We sincerely appreciate everything all of you did to make the trip such an enjoyable one. Looking forward to doing it again someday…

Deronda & Steve B. & Family
San Louis Obispo, CA

Great whales, bears, loads of seafood, and Steve’s halibut…
Fabulous sights, sounds & smells- memorable trip – thanks!

Kevin & Marty S.
Seattle, WA

What a great trip. Glaciers, whales, a couple of good halibut…It was a wonderful introduction to S.E. Alaska.

Steve S.
San Diego, CA

Hm..m Where to start. LeConte Bay with glaciers & harbor seals on ice. Next Frederick Sound replete with Humps, Dalls, and Orcas. Steller sealions at Yasha Is. Followed by flowers, rainforest & more Stellars at Brothers Is with solitary bubble feeding along shoreline. Brown bears on Admiralty Island with a glacier walk in Thomas Bay on Baird glacier, punctuated by arctic terns, lupine fields & dwarf fireweed. A very fine introduction to SE Alaska with a splendid crew. And last but not least, 3 life birds, Ancient Murrelets, Fork Tailed Storm Petrels and Kitlitz’s Murrelets! Promise to return. 

Thanks for an incredible experience!

Marc & Michele C.
Pasadena, CA

What a wonderful trip, I loved it all!

Gayla S.
Wayne, PA

Thanks for a great trip! It was beyond my wildest imagination (and that’s wild!) The bears, whales, sea lions, the WOLF! It was all spectacular!… Hope to be back someday.

Carol W.
Austin, TX

It’s been super! Thanks for help in making this such a great trip for our family. It’s a first for us and hopefully not the last. Your planning has been great and made for a good time for all. The animals were wonderful to see- whales both Humpback and Orcas, bears- especially the sow and cub sleeping in the tree. The salmon we saw were awesome and eagles everywhere. Too much to write about an it was all wonderful. Dennis- your fishing tips were the best. Your crew is great. Thanks again for everything.

Wayne & Sandy W.& Family
Gillette, WY

I had a great time. I really enjoyed watching the whales, sea lions and bears. The fishing was also a blast. The information and conversation was entertaining, and the food was great. Those breaded prawns and berry pie… Thanks for a wonderful vacation! 

P.S. Thanks for accommodating the kids so well!

Greg & Dana W.
Cody, WY

Outstanding, a trip of a lifetime!

Bob R.
Cody WY

This was an opportunity to experience the “real Alaska” – unaltered, undeveloped, completely natural. Instead of an orchestrated “tour”, we took things as they came, as they would come- whales(of course!), salmon, halibut, eagles, murres, rockfish, black bears, curious rock formations, “pop weeds”, caves, mussels- not on cue, but naturally. Good food, good fishing, knowledgeable guides were a source of reassurance and good fellowship. A wide range of ages (9 – 61) were all involved, but never bossed around. It’s hard to think of a better way for a family to visit SE Alaska. Many thanks from the 61-year-olds on the trip!

Donald & Judy L.
Green Bay, WI

It was a wonderful trip!

George, Sheila, Chris & Will S.
Salt Lake City, UT

This has been one of the most interesting and changing experiences of my life. I will never forget it.

Chris S.
Salt Lake City, UT

To the crew of the Alaska Adventurer,
We have truly “experienced” Southeast Alaska. Views from the water were great- but going ashore, beachcombing and being 40 feet from a fishing bear will live on in my memory. You made us feel like personal guests in Alaska rather than “tourists”.

Ken K.
Flemington, NJ

You’ve made us feel like old friends, not just clients. This has been a once in a lifetime to experience pristine wilderness close up. From the thrill of large ocean swells and whales to the percussive symphony of jumping salmon- each moment has been a treasure.

Janet M.
Flemington, NJ

This was truly a trip to remember- I feel like we’ve experienced Alaska in all the best aspects. The fishing, crabbing, seals, whales – everything! The crew was great- Dennis the captain was first class. Thanks for a great time.

John & Vicki F.
Satellite Beach, FL

Having been on an “Alaska Cruise” before, this was better than we could have expected! The wildlife, nature, fishing, and casual atmosphere were super. Dennis & crew were very accommodating.

Joe & Janet O.
Melbourne, FL

It was a marvelous experience. The scenery & fishing were unsurpassed. However, the relationship established was absolutely great. I enjoyed this much more than anticipated. I feel like we are saying goodbye to old friends.

Bonnie & Dick B.
Langley, WA

Jim & I both agree, this has been one of the best vacations we have ever had. The only bad thing, it had to come to an end! Each day brought a new and wonderful experience…

Kathy & Jim B.
Madison Heights, VA

We had a great time, up close & personal with one of life’s true masterpieces…Alaska.

Tom & Darlene G
Madison, NJ

Great views, great food, great companions… great time!

Mary O.
Batesville, IN

North to Alaska, Yes. What a great trip of a lifetime. Great beauty, people & food. What more could you hope for. Thanks a bunch for your attention.

Ethel O.
Batesville, IN 

Thank you for a truly memorable Alaska adventure-it exceeded all our expectations & we both had a wonderful time and are taking back to Australia a new world of memories and experiences. Thank you for taking such excellent care of us and we are looking forward to seeing you when you each find your way “down Under” to Melbourne-you know you will be most welcome to stay with us.

Very best of luck for the rest of your summer season and we hope to see you again soon.

Andrew & Sharon M.
Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for a wonderful experience and sharing your talents with us.

Jenny & Toni
Broome, Australia

Ce fut mre merveillense le mar’ne feline d’e’motions, en comfaguie ole ferrounes fymfathigues’ .et agreables…. Bonne cuisine bn super sejous, merci a chacun four ce qu’ il a apporte’ et contritane….Un grand bol ole bunheur.