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Humpback whale breaching

Humpback whale breaching

The calm, beautiful, nutrient rich inner passageways of Southeast Alaska provide a world class haven for some of the planets largest populations of Humpback whales. Alaska’s Inside Passage, protected from the open ocean is whale watching paradise and the ultimate setting for wild life photography. That is if you know who to get there with.

Experience the best whale watching in the world. Humpback whales congregate here to feed on massive schools of herring and krill. Watch their complex feeding strategies unfold as they use bubble nets to herd prey. Get a special insight into their world from our expert naturalists.

With over thirty years of cruising these waters, Alaska Sea Adventures has the unmatched experience to get you there safely and is the choice of professionals from around the world.

Happy Whale!

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in a new humpback whale online research initiative, Happy Whale, and now have our own page featuring the whales spotted on our trips and identified by the scientists at the organization. Please go over and check it out!

Listen to a Humpback Whale Feeding Call!

copyright Gina Ruddle

copyright Gina Ruttle

One of the most amazing of Humpback whale behaviors is the cooperative ‘bubble-net’ feeding lunge. This fascinating forage technique is unique to the humpbacks within certain areas of Southeast Alaska and one of the whales’ activities that we specialize in finding for our clients. It’s an incredible sight to observe and/or capture with a camera!

Prior to the group of whales erupting in unison through the seas surface, Alaska Adventurer’s hydrophone enables us to hear the humpback’s enthralling feeding call which helps to herd the herring or krill into the whales’ bubble-net trap. Here you can listen to a recording we made of this spine chilling song

Read more about Hungry Humpbacks here.

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Humbpack whale blows in Seymour Canal in spring.

Humbpack whale blows in Seymour Canal in spring.

“I have lived and worked in over 100 countries. I am a veteran whale watcher in Hawaii and Cape Cod and have enjoyed many group trips. This trip and this group of people is the high point of my travel life. This has been a joy in all respects. Thanks for the dreams fulfilled”.

William S.
Saranac Lake, NY

copyright Jim Nahmens

copyright Jim Nahmens

“Oh, my God! Trip # 9 with ASA and they just keep getting better and better. And the whales- I think that this week I saw more whales than I have in the past 14 years combined!”

Barbara H.
Miami, FL

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“…being in a kayak with a 60 to humpback whale surfacing and blowing so close to me, was beyond words. These gentle giants blessed us with their presence. And when the junior whale of one pair began frolicking and breaching right in front of us, it made my millennium!!”

Susan & Dick R.
Kauai, HI