Alaska Sea Adventures

Photo ©2022 Michele Parker

Greetings from Petersburg. We have just wrapped up our 2022 Summer Season. It was a busy season with some wonderful weather and rare whale sightings.  Our guests enjoyed the wonders of Alaska and our crew did a superb job of sharing their expertise! Captain Dennis is off to the Antarctic with Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris in October for a greatly anticipated cruise and adventure through the South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.

For 2023, we have the following dates available:

A033 4/6 – 4/14 Sitka-Sitka 9 days/8 nights – Whale and Eagles! Custom charter

A063 5/6 – 5/13 Petersburg – Petersburg 8 days /7 night Photography -Whales, Eagles. Glaciers! 2 cabins

A143 7/14-7/21 ‘Focus on Whales’ with Jim Nahmens

A153 7/23-7/30 ‘Focus on Whales’ with Dr Adam Pack – Single female only

A223 9/24 – 10/01 Whales, Bears and Silver Salmon Fishing Custom Charter 

2024 Schedule is Live!
We are pleased to announce that our 2024 schedule is now published on the website. There are lots of wonderful and exciting trips available so please be sure to explore them and set your sights on a fun Alaska adventure in 2024!

Antarctic Trip, February 2023

Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris has availability on their February 2023 Antarctic trip, Whales, Penguins and Golden Landscapes.  Led by Ted Cheeseman and limited to 100 people this Antarctic adventure celebrates the most incredible densities of whale aggregations gorging on krill and will take full advantage of warm, golden light for landscape photography. Gentoo penguins rearing the seasons chicks are a favorite subjects for photographers. Icebergs, in their many shapes and shades of blue provide prime photography subjects. For more info, contact Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris directly and mention Alaska Sea Adventures!

Best wishes for a wonderful fall season!


Dennis and Toni