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Alaska Sea Adventures will comply with all Federal and Alaska State COVID-19 guidelines for the safety of our customers. We encourage everyone to comply with suggested and mandatory safety measures to protect your communities and your health.

©2020 Stephanie Haye

©2020 Stephanie Haye

As we celebrate this season, Toni and I look back and give thanks for twenty-two exciting years of crafting travel memories with our guests from around the globe. Although we do not know what this holiday season will look like for many families this year, we cherish the memories shared aboard the Northern Song. We hope you can find time to reflect and revisit your best travel moments. Take joy and comfort in them and be sure to share them with those you love wherever you happen to be this Thanksgiving!

COVID and Alaska Airlines Updates
We continue to have steady bookings for 2021 and 2022 and are pleased to report that the COVID protocols implemented in Alaska and aboard the Northern Song this summer worked well.We guided our guests prior to their arrival in Petersburg, and our daily onboard protocols included daily temperature and oxygenation checks, maintaining strict cleaning standards during trips and complete sanitation of the boat after each charter. Alaska Airlines has implemented Next Level Care with 100 way to make travelers feel safe, and they continue to report on timely research, such as the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Study  which “indicates air travel is as safe or substantially safer than the routine activities “such as grocery shopping or eating out.”

Focus on Whales Availability 2021 and 2022
Offered every summer for over 20 years now, our guided Focus on Whales trips with Jim Nahmens and Dr. Adam Pack book well in advance but given the global situation we do have short notice availability for 2021 and 2022, with select cabins open. Whale tails abound on these trips and our guests are always enchanted. So, check your calendar and join us!

New Recipe Page and Updated Photo Gallery
Check out our recently updated Food Gallery for some delicious inspiration from Northern Song Chef Therese. Also, visit our new Recipes Page where Chef Therese is sharing some of her favorites in printable PDF forms so our guests can recreate her dishes at home. This newsletter’s recipe is Alaskan Cranberry Sauce!

2021 has all custom charter dates reserved. We do have cabins open on our spring ‘Herring Spawn Photography Extravaganzas’ and our July Focus on Whales trips with Jim Nahmens and Dr. Adam Pack, so check the schedule.

2022 has all custom charter dates reserved as well with some cabins on our spring March/April ‘Herring Extravaganzas’ and summer July ‘Focus on Whales’ adventures with Jim Nahmens and Dr. Adam Pack.